king of fruits

November 21, 2012


Aw mannn Liza’s so sweet. She whatsapped me this picture of them at the durian farm in Pahang, said she was taking all the orders from Proudduck.

Makes me want to try a durian. Haha.

No, I’m kidding.


Durians, you either love them or hate them. I fall into the latter group, but mannnn my inlaws are durian-crazy people. Sometimes when we eat together, I’ll be sitting in a corner while they finish up their durian dessert. Haha.

Last weekend they had a kenduri doa for Awal Muharam with friends and family. And look what I found.

Omg my jaw dropped. And I could see how people’s eyes just lit up when they saw this. And they burped their way through the kenduri with much satisfaction and happiness. Durians really make people happy, huh?

Anyway, not sure if this will be useful to you, but if you want contact for A-grade Musang Kings (not sure how you spell that), here’s the number. They’re selling at RM 15 per kg, they send free delivery to Klang Valley like how they sent to my inlaws. Minimum quantity is 50 kg, so start gathering your friends and have a durian party in the office (and annoy your boss).

Liza – 012-6395968