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November 28, 2012

You may or may not know, but in MyEG Make The Pitch Season 1, the winner is Voucheres. Voucheres is a mobile app that gives you awesome deals based on your nearest location. So you’ll get discounts or special offers from the retailers in your nearest mall i.e. Dome, Kenny Rogers, salons, spas etc. It’s pretty awesome, download it here!

Guess who is the brains behind Voucheres?

A guy named Faz.

Guess who Faz is?

Dean’s eldest brother.

Then in Season 2, Dean won his pitch at MyEG Make The Pitch as well.

Two brothers winning the show season after season? That’s a pretty awesome story.

Dean and Faz got a lot of media attention and have both been invited to give talks on their experience.

Last weekend Dean and his brother Faz gave a talk for Business Circle on e-commerce in Malaysia. This was the first time ever they agreed to collaborate and give a talk together.

I see these 2 boys all the time, but man…. they really impressed me with their knowledge!! I had no idea they knew some of the stuff they talked about then. Felt so proud to know them.

Some of the questions they tackled from the audience.

1) Barrier is low in the e-commerce world, what do you guys do to stay ahead?

2) How does Google AdWords work?

3) You can easily get millions of dollars of funding in the US, what are the challenges in Malaysia?

4) How do you scale up your business here in Malaysia where there is a relatively small market?

5) Talent is scarce here. How do you get good employees in Malaysia?

6) What do investors look for in a business proposal / pitch?

7) Are there any government bodies we can get funding from?

8.) How do grants work?

And many more, I lost track. But they tackled these questions with ease and both gave their honest opinions, sometimes differing ones to each other. It was pretty interesting and I hope to see them collaborate again in more talks to come!

FYI, you might have seen these ads in the newspapers lately.

Dean will be one of the speakers at the MATRADE KLITF. It’s a pretty huge honor for us to be invited to speak at such a big event to an audience of about 800-1,000 people. So I’m really excited for FashionValet!

It’s this Thursday, which is TOMORROW!!!!!

29 November 2012, 9 am to 1 pm, MATRADE Hall.

Register here. Admission is totally free!! 

Come join us and gain some knowledge!