microsoft windows 8

November 12, 2012

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“I can’t go, Mom. I’ve got a Windows launch!”

“A what launch?”


“The excuses you give are just too much nowadays.”

“I promise you I’m not lying.”

I wasn’t guys. Haven’t you heard? Microsoft Windows is back, baby!! This year marks their 20th year being alive, and they’ve come up with their most “ong” idea of all, the Microsoft Windows 8.

This new operating system (OS) can suit a whole range of devices; desktops, laptops, ultrabooks, tablets! Designed for work and for play, it’s the new cool la.

Ok listen to this. This new OS has gotten more than 16 million preview participants who have tested it, being the most reviewed OS in Microsoft’s history. In total, it’s been tested more than 1.24 billion hours. Cray cray!! So you can be sure it’s a well-tested OS and it will be hiccup-free.

Just look at the crowd!

What’s different? Well, lots obviously. Some e.g.

1)   One click Start button to give access to apps and contents

2)   New Internet Explorer 10 designed for touch and has built-in cloud storage capabilities with SkyDrive

3)   Save time using their Live Tiles feature that connects to multiple social apps and a glance

Microsoft has up-ped their game and partnered with loadsss of reputable hardware brands. If you have any ultrabook/tablet/hybrid devices from any of these brands, you’re good to go; Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, LG, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba.

There is a new Windows Store offering thousand of exciting apps. Best thing is you can even try most of the apps first before you buy! Once you have these apps, you can use them in any other Windows 8 devices that you have! I don’t understand all the tech language, but basically it has something to do with user settings, cloud connection and the sky something something.

How you can get your hands on Windows 8?

1)   Purchase a new device that is pre-installed with Windows 8.

2)   Upgrade from your Windows 7

3)   Purchase Windows 8 Pro Upgrades

 Clearly I’m not a tech person so I can’t give you the best details! So why don’t you go to the roadshows that Microsoft has organized!

Date Location
29 Oct – 4 Nov Kuala Lumpur – Lowyat
2 – 4 Nov Kuala Lumpur – Midvalley
2 – 4 Nov Penang – PISA
2 – 4 Nov Johor Bahru – Persada Johor
9 – 11 Nov Melaka – MITC
16 – 18 Nov Ipoh – Stadium Indera Mulia
30 Nov – 2 Dec Penang – PISA
30 Nov – 2 Dec Kuching – Borneo Convention
30 Nov – 2 Dec Kota Kinabalu – One Borneo
7 – 9 Dec Kuala Lumpur – KLCC

Have fun getting Windows 8!

He did!

Noh and Mizz Nina are coming up with this programme Passion8, and they use Windows 8 in their journey to interact with fans!

As for me, I have to go and pujuk my mom now.