my new bff, aqua

November 19, 2012

My loved ones know that I’m a phone addict. I cannot live without my phone and if my phone died, I would ask strangers if they had a charger I could borrow. Some days my loved ones appreciate that I am always reachable, but most days they found it bloody annoying that I am oblivious to them when my phone’s around.

“Just tweet her, she’ll reply faster than you asking her in person.”

“I will hide that thing if you keep on pretending to nod at me but actually you’re not listening.”

Hehe. It’s a bad habit, I know. But there’s always something with the phone, ok! Not like I’m playing Angry Birds or anything (is that even popular anymore?)

Anyway, for our 6 year anniversary, Dean got me this.

I was so confused when I got this. Like umm I thought you hated my relationship with my Blackberry, so to fix that, you get me a phone with even more features?

But hey! I wasn’t going to ruin this awesome present (or get this present taken back!), so I gave him a kiss thank you and played with my phone all night and day and night and day.

I’m pretty sure he regrets this present, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

The S3 is super duper awesome and the iPhone should be worried. I love how big the screen is, how you can scroll through all notifications by one pull, how you can screenshot by “chopping” the screen, how it makes a blub blub sound when you press anything. It’s sooo awesome omgggggg.

(I’m off bbm, just in case some of you have been trying to reach me via bbm)

I named it Aqua (yes, I name all my things. It’s a sickness.) because my phone cover’s turquoise and the blub blub sound reminds me of water. Water. Aqua. Get it? But Aqua’s not getting much respect from Dean, who insists on de-sexying it.

The only thing I’m still trying to get used to is the touch screen pad. I was a hardcore Blackberry addict so I’m pretty used to the keypad and working hard to actually press those buttons down. This whole new luxury of simply touching it is a bit foreign to me and with the autocorrect feature being eagerly “helpful”, I’m now a comedy to my friends.

 I have fat thumbs, what can I say.