our second nephew

November 10, 2012

Dean woke me up early in the morning.

“Get up, get up!!”


“Get up, baby! Yasmin gave birth!!”

“Mmmmm…. Don’t bluff la you.”

“I’m not lying! Get up!”

We had the shortest shower in history, I don’t even remember if I used soap that morning.

Rushed to the hospital and finally, the boy we’ve all been waiting for for nine long months.

Welcome to the world, our second nephew Alexander Mateen Shah.

He’s such a good baby, Masyaallah. He is soooo chilled and calm, and he can sleep through anything it’s unbelievable.

Newborns are super red and swollen huh!! And their face changes everyday that it’s quite hard to see who he looks like.

After I was done gushing over him and awkwardly trying to carry him while being careful about his neck and head, I went to SIL for the juicy part.

“So, was it like death?”

She laughed (yes she can still laugh after delivering a baby, she’s psycho!) and told me the whole birth story. She went through 4 hours of labour so that’s not too bad right? I heard some horror stories about people going through 36 hours and all. *cringe*

I won’t spill the whole story in case some of you might cross pregnancy off your To Do list. In her own words, she described labour with “It’s actually not too bad.” She had epidural and she would like to convey to all future moms to also take that happy drug. She said she can’t imagine how moms go through it without epidural.

After a while, her face lit up again and she went, “I can dye my hair!! I can wear heels!!”

Priorities, for sure. -___-

Right now, we’re all still deciding what we would like to be called.

Paksu or Uncle.

Maksu or Aunty.

The boys obviously want to be called Uncle so-and-so, which is so typical. But I insisted on keeping the tradition alive by adopting the Pak and Mak titles.

“But you’ll be called Mak Lang, you know?”

That actually does not sound sexy. I’m too young to be a Mak Lang!! I think Aunty Vivy might be the way to go.

So cuteeeeee.