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November 23, 2012

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I received this today and felt so sad.

Was super impressed with their customer service though (they printed out my name!!) and they actually made me feel like I want to book a flight to London now. Of course I know they send this to many many people probably on a daily basis, but still I feel so special…. This is soooo something I aim for at FashionValet, to make customers special like this.


That’s one thing sucky about being away from something, but the good thing is they have online shops! I’m obviously about Asian brands and shopping at FV these days, but still, sometimes I’d like me some international goodies to have a bit of a variety.

I don’t do it often, but I do shop at international sites. Ahem…I call this research.

But the bad part is that the shipping is super duper expensive and when it gets here, I get taxed some more! And some sites don’t ship to Malaysia! (But they ship to Singapore which is so unfair.)

So I was thrilled when I found out about this service Maybank Borderlinx.  What they do is they give you a local shipping address in the US and UK so you can shop at these international sites and not pay international shipping rates.

They partner with DHL so you can be guaranteed a fast and trackable 2-4 days service and they ship to over 60 countries (Malaysia is one of them of courseeeee).

The awesome thing is also you can shop from multiple sites and tell Maybank Borderlinx to consolidate all your packages and ship only once. (30-holding day for free).

Want that designer handbag or shoes that they simply don’t have in Malaysia?

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