thank you

November 6, 2012

Ok so it’s not Coming Soon anymore.

It’s coming in 10 minutes soon!!!!

We are proudly launching FashionValet which now will run on a .com domain.

Β Rebranding is in the works and the website will also feature a totally new look and feel.

Hopefully you will like it too!

The team worked night and day for this and my love for them is on a whole other level.

Yesterday we got an email from our IT guy that has been shut down indefinitely. And we got a bit emotional in the office.

Of course it’s “in with the new” and improvement is always a good thing, but we should never forget the old. Especially because it has been so good to us. Although we’re not a multi-million dollar company yet, the old website still did us good and we had many good memories together with our customers.

So thanks for everything, We are going to frame up a screenshot of your website so we will always remember you.

Please now make room for

Happy shopping in 10 mins!!