the final vote

November 21, 2012

So here’s the update for Team More is More from PD!

The campaign will end this Friday and the winner will be revealed on Friday night at the Baskin Robbins victory party.


Thanks to those of you who tweeted me about your free upsizes! I still believe my promise is the best so I should win!

(FYI, If I win, the whole Malaysia gets a Free Upsize of ice cream in 2013)

And this one was interesting….

Nabilah, I’m on to you, girllllllll.

Haha kiddinnnnnnnggggg.

Thank you guys for your tweets and msgs about the free upsize. You should thank BR, not me!

Anyway, this Friday they will announce the winner and as of now, I have slipped from No 1 to No 2.

So I need you more than ever to VOTE!!!! Only takes a couple of clicks.

Click here.

All this while, I’ve been telling you guys to send a screenshot of your vote to to win an awesome prize.

So I’m now ready to announce what it is….


I will be picking not one, but TWO winners to win this…

Each of these 2 winners will win….

RM 1,000

to spend at Baskin Robbins, valid for one whole year.

Can you imagine?!! You never have to buy an ice cream for like what…. a year! And you can share it with your friends. 1 WHOLE K guys!!!

The breakdown is as below:

2 x Twinpacked Quart (RM88 each)
2 x Twinpacked Pint (RM48 each)
5 x Handpacked Quart (RM46 each)
5 x Handpacked Pint (RM25.50 each)
16 x Double Junior Sundae (RM14 each)
20 x Single Regular Scoop (RM7.50 each)

So get ready for that brain freeze because you might just win this!

Vote NOW and email me at

I will be picking the 2 winners tomorrow at 2 pm.