victory party

November 25, 2012

So I was all ready with my outfit for Baskin Robbins Victory Party. I wore black for my appearance before, so I thought this time I’ve gotta be more cheerful.

White top, bright yellow necklace, blue pants, floral pumps.

Dean was even teaching me how to pose on stage.

“Gotta make your arms like this, baby. You gotta look cool, ok?”


Wearing Husky & Tree‘s super nice top, Topshop pants, Minz necklace and Kiss & Tell heels.

Got there and bumped into KY first (he represented Very Berry Strawberry).

“Why you not wearing your tshirt?”

“Ummm… no thanks. I don’t do tshirts.”

Turned around and…. “Here’s your t-shirt Vivy. Please change and come back.”



So we were forced to go on stage and introduce our campaign. There was such a big crowd that I almost forgot my flavor.

Also didn’t help that there was this one group in black tshirts just screaming their lungs out about how much they love me and how I should marry them. So distracting.

Haha I’m joking.

That group is the most awesome group ever, the FashionValet team. They were so sweet to spend their Friday night with me to support me at the campaign. They were posing with the tshirts, they pulled randomers to vote at the event, they influenced people in other team’s tshirts. Very honorable people, this bunch. And all I had to offer them was a scoop of free ice cream. #cheapdate

Them voting

There were performances and there was an ice cream eating competition.

Sam, Jasmine and Ayin represented me and I thought they were so sweet to sacrifice their attractiveness for a few minutes to gobble up ice cream as fast as they can.

Err we lost but whatevs, spirit was still high!

So we had to wait a while for them to tally up the votes, and finally it was time to announce.

They announced the Top 2. And to my surprise it was me!!

And of course Hanis *rolls eyes* There’s just no escaping that girl!

Heheheh kidding.

So how they announced it was they turned the ice cream around and the winning flavor will be shown.

So they turned it around and the flavor shown was…. Pralines n Cream!

But it took me a few seconds to realize I won because at that point, I don’t even remember what Pralines n Cream looked like.


This was after my MIL from the crowd told me to put my legs together because I kangkang-ed too much on stage. Hehe.

So how awesome is that!

Next year, for 365 days, the whole of Malaysia will get a Free Upsize at Baskin Robbins outlet.

More concrete details will be given by Baskin Robbins when they’re ready to announce.

For now, I’ve gotta buy them dinner.