awkward bump

December 26, 2012

So this is my awkward bump story.

I’m at that stage now where my bump is neither here nor there. It’s visible. But it could easily be an after-dinner bump too.

Wearing a Mimpikita dress from their upcoming collection!

So to people who see me, I’m either pregnant or a little kid with a serious drinking problem and a beer belly. Either way, it’s ok because Dean usually gives it away by pointing at the wine rack when we’re at restaurants that display their alcohol. Har har.

This awkward stage I guess is the in between. A month ago, no one could see anything. A month from now, hopefully people will stop whispering and pointing. That’s apple juice, people. I’m not drunk, I’m just knocked up.

But when Dean and I are alone, it’s really a beautiful moment in our lives. The bump is getting bigger and it’s just getting more real. If a few weeks back I sometimes don’t even remember I’m pregnant, now I am slowly being reminded by my growing tummy. Like umm hi I’m in here, probably not a good idea to jump around the house so much.

Wearing a Radzuan Radziwill kaftan and Sakura clutch.

Dean loves to rub my tummy and talk to it sometimes, and when I interrupt he goes, “Sshhhh ok, you’re not invited to this conversation! What la this mommy, yeah baby? So busybody…”

I guess it’s the first baby syndrome, where everything’s new and exciting. So I’m just going to enjoy this part of our lives because from what I’ve heard, the consequent pregnancies after this… well let’s just say those ladies laughed hard when I mentioned head massages from husbands.