citizen 2020

December 14, 2012

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You know when they say we the youth are responsible in shaping the country? I never really believed that, ignorantly thinking that we would have such insignificant impact on the country.

As I get older, I understand more. How hard it is to run a country, the pressure a leader has to improve our lifestyles and economy, what the ETP (Economic Transformation Programme) is all about and how it affects all of us. Hundreds of projects are being carried out, all hopefully to create jobs, get foreign investment and build a nicer life for all citizens.

Dr. M keeps saying Vision 2020 and how we should be a high-income nation by then. Well, it’s coming close… 8 more years! Scary huh? Have you ever wondered what you’d be like in the year 2020?

Where will we be? What will we be working as? Will the economy be stable? Will we still be using Samsung phones? Will we be happy?

The ETP has introduced Citizen 2020!

A fun and interactive way to learn what the ETP is all about and you get to make real life decisions to see your future self in 2020.

So I tried it out of curiosity.

I was a bit greedy here, I wanted all the items to be in my house.

So it taught me that I can enjoy rebates on energy-efficient appliances. Never knew that!

Only 10?! I thought long and hard. Haha.

Then it taught me which items are homegrown and more affordable!

Spa, of course!!

Soooo… I was excited to see who I’ll be in 2020!!!


Not sure what Early Burt is but it said I work smart and I’ll be the creator of the next eBay ….shuckssss *blush*

There are 10 possible characters that you might be!

 Go and see what you’ll be. Click here.