flat feet

December 17, 2012

So this is my stubborn shoes story.

Ever since my family and Dean learned about the pregnancy, they have been on a you-can’t-do-anything mode.

Cannot eat pineapple. No problem.

Cannot do too much work. No problem.

Cannot lift heavy things. No problem.

Cannot play sports or go to the gym. Bahahahaha. Takde hal beb.

Cannot do housework. No problem, thank you.

Cannot wear heels. *cricket sound*

Umm… sorry, no can do.

My mom and my MIL are always on the lookout, and they will always comment when they see me in heels. Dean got so worried about my stubbornness that he actually hid my fav heels in his boot (I usually have a pair of heels inside the car) and I got pissed off.

I confirmed with the doctor. He said wearing heels won’t affect the baby, but it’ll just give you a backache, more than usual.

Sokay, I’ll endure it, I thought.

One day, I wore heels the whole day at a function. Dean was so upset with me and kept asking me to just go barefoot. Crazy man.

You guys don’t understand. I’m fun size. Like really really fun size. Heels to me are like air, very very essential. Like it’s not even an option, heels are a must for me to face the world.

Dean kept coming to me and asking if I was feeling ok. Ok fine so my back was hurting and I needed to sit down, but I couldn’t tell him that of course. So I told him I was feeling completely fine and he was wrong about the heels. In my heart, I was thinking I really love you, you’re so right, please massage my back.

When we got home, Dean asked me to turn around and he massaged my lower back gently.

“You think I don’t know my stubborn wife?”

I wanted to tell him I love him, but what came out was “A bit to the right, please.”

I love my heels, but I really don’t think I can endure them at this moment. Honestly, if you know me, you’d know that I’m really sad about this! Of course I still wear them during important functions, but I always have flats in the car to change back to immediately. I still feel sloppy and stumpy in flats, but sigh, what to do?

At least that’s another reason to shop.

Say hello to Lush, everybody.

Z’NG flats (comes in red, purple and black)