mateen and nona

December 22, 2012

My girl Nona’s all married now! Sorry boys, off the market.

Went to her akad nikah this week and Masyaallah one of the nicest nikah ceremonies.

Nona making her grand entrance to the ballroom, with cousin and younger sis.

She looked so demure and and was calm on the pelamin while her dad gave her away to the new man in her life.

Mateen was all macho the morning of his akad when we called him on the phone. “I’m just gonna wing it!”

Sekali lafaz, well done!!

It was like a mini reunion with friends, very nice to see everyone gathered to witness their union.

One of the ones you guys would be interested in is this one! Toots is still alive, guys, don’t worry. She’s just been very lazy at blogging lately, I’ve scolded her already.

Mia and Wawa. Wawa’s back for good now from the UK and doing very well with AzuraAzwa!

Again with my eating partner.

With Izrin and Jess.

My 2 favs.

Ben Ibrahim and Sophie.

My long time fav blogger Shalala.

With the awesome Kak Nazuraaaaa.

I was wearing my LVW necklace, a comfortable knit kaftan from Radzuan Radziwill (comes in 9 colours, mine was the grey one) and a weaved clutch by Sakura Malaysia.

Love that I feel I’m upholding heritage with this clutch (also love that it looks very Bottega-like haha). The awesome thing about this clutch is that it comes in many colours and it gives you 2 sizes to choose from. You can make it into a thin or slightly thicker clutch, whichever suits your ocassion.

But I know, I know. You don’t wanna know about my clutch! You want to know about Nona’s hantarans!

Well ladies… prepare for this life lesson I’m about to give. 9 dulangs? Pfttt.. 11 dulangs? Girlfiend, please…. Nona got a whopping 21 dulangs for her akad nikah, the most I’ve ever seen. 4 handbags, 2 pairs of shoes, and many other gorgeous things! The trail of dulang boys coming into the ballroom took a few minutes haha. Apparently it’s Sarawak tradition, so ladies, lesson of the day: Go and find a Sarawakian husband.

I already chop-ed which one I’d like to borrow.

To the gorgeous couple… Mateen and especially Nona, we’ve seen you guys go through years of ups and downs together, and we’re so happy that you are finally standing as husband and wife! May Allah bless your union and make it an everlasting one with lots of happiness and goodness that life and heaven have to offer. Insyaallah.