my 25th birthday

December 12, 2012



I had a really really really nice birthday today. It was very me, very low-key, just with the people closest to me.

Toots was busy with work (I really need to talk to her boss), so she already celebrated with me last weekend.

Guess what she made me.

She said that was supposed to read out “Happy Birthday Titts!”

I choose to believe her.

Oh well, I guess it’s a thank you for my cake I baked for her birthday.

Today, I woke up next to a smiling husband ever ready to give me a big birthday kiss and then send me to the office to continue work for him.


Had birthday lunch at home with my awesome family. Home-cooked food at the comfort of your home with your niece and nephew, nothing beats that.

My sister got me my first ever rainbow cake and I felt a year younger! I love you Along, thank you!!!

Wearing a bubble necklace from Gantung and Berrybow jacket.

Hehe my poor dad getting censored. Too many young hotties on the prowl for him, I’ll bite them all.

Clearly Mom’s more of a tough love kind of lady. I love you long time, Mommyyyyy!

My loving husband.

Came back to the office after lunch to find this from the FV team. Had Asma’s decorations written all over it.

An array of my favourites! Ice cream, keropok lekor of all sorts and shapes that Nani drove to Shah Alam for, cheese sandwich (plain, no vege, no sauce, no mayo), marshmallows, chocolates! Crazy la these people.

You guys are truly truly amazing!

For dinner, I had a feast with my inlaws. My FIL actually postponed his business trip when he found out it was my birthday and I felt so touchedddddd.

Smiling a bit too wide.

With my adorable new nephew who decided to join us for dinner.

Wearing Free Flow blazer (comes in white, pink and yellow), Kamelia earrings and the Libro clutch from sometimeΒ (comes in 5 colours).

My gorgeous MIL and SIL (that woman just gave birth a month ago -______-“)

This birthday was truly special to me. Thank you to my family, my bestest friends, my FV family and my husband for a birthday I can never forget. Thank you Allah for giving me another year in my journey of life, and I pray that You will always keep my loved ones and I close to You.

My first birthday as a wife, my first birthday as a daughter in law, my first birthday with a new nephew.




My first birthday as a pregnant woman.