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December 11, 2012

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I’ve been pretty forgetful lately, like I forgot to thaw some beef before leaving for work. “Tonight black pepper beef yeah?” he requested eagerly so I made a mental note to take it out of the freezer before leaving to work. Didn’t happen, so around 7 pm I left work to go to the groceries quickly. Got all my ingredients, got my precious beef, and off to the counter I went.

“Forty five ninety, Miss.” I was told while I rummaged through my bag for my purse. Oh. My. God…. I left it in the office. Oh. My. God. Pleaseeeee let me find some cash or cards in my bag. Nope. None.

I turned to the lady sigh-ing behind me and smiled sheepishly.

Thoughts started running through my head and an idea came to my head. After the speedy explanation coupled with very red cheeks, the lady stranger paid for me and I whipped out my phone to transfer money online straight to her account on the spot.

Thanks ah, Maybank2u.

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