peeing on a stick

December 13, 2012

So this is my peeing on a stick story.

ย Iโ€™ve been dying to blog about it and God knows itโ€™s not easy to keep it to myself! Haha. But I did it since everyone said you shouldnโ€™t tell so many people until after the first trimester. A lot has happened, but I shall break them up into little posts so as to not bore you with an essay.

Basically everyoneโ€™s been asking us โ€œSo do you guys want kids?โ€

Dean and I would answer simultaneously.

My answer would be, โ€œMaybe in 1-2 years Insyaallah, if got rezeki.โ€

To my surprise, Deanโ€™s simultaneous answer will always be, โ€œYeah, Iโ€™m ready to be a dad.โ€

Dude, we’ve been married 5 minutes. Relax.

Iโ€™d look at him with a Whattttttt? face and the person will go away quietly and awkwardly, probably regretting the question he/she asked solely to fill the silence.

Suddenly out of nowhere I started getting this awwww feeling everytime I saw a baby, or rubbed my SILโ€™s tummy. Little did I know I was already pregnant. That’s apparently what happens when you don’t use protection, ladies. Haha.

Iโ€™m very sensitive to my body, and I know when something’s different. Suddenly I started getting so sleepy and so lazyyyy! I wasnโ€™t feeling up for work, the thought of switching on my laptop was repulsive. And that isnโ€™t me at all!!! I love my laptop, I won’t leave the house without it.

I still remember I was in bed, all helpless… looking up to the ceilingโ€ฆ. when a thought hit me.

Oh godโ€ฆ I must be pregnant.

I bought like 5 pregnancy tests, but I only used 1 and that blue positive sign slowly appeared before my eyes.

I know my first thought shouldโ€™ve been Alhamdulillahโ€ฆ but thereโ€™s no point lying to you guys, Allah knows too. My first reaction wasโ€ฆ Omg Iโ€™m going to get so fat.

And immediately, I wanted to puke. Yep, this is probably why pregnant women have morning sickness; because they fear looking like a watermelon.