peeing on a stick

December 13, 2012

So this is my peeing on a stick story.

Β I’ve been dying to blog about it and God knows it’s not easy to keep it to myself! Haha. But I did it since everyone said you shouldn’t tell so many people until after the first trimester. A lot has happened, but I shall break them up into little posts so as to not bore you with an essay.

Basically everyone’s been asking us β€œSo do you guys want kids?”

Dean and I would answer simultaneously.

My answer would be, β€œMaybe in 1-2 years Insyaallah, if got rezeki.”

To my surprise, Dean’s simultaneous answer will always be, β€œYeah, I’m ready to be a dad.”

Dude, we’ve been married 5 minutes. Relax.

I’d look at him with a Whattttttt? face and the person will go away quietly and awkwardly, probably regretting the question he/she asked solely to fill the silence.

Suddenly out of nowhere I started getting this awwww feeling everytime I saw a baby, or rubbed my SIL’s tummy. Little did I know I was already pregnant. That’s apparently what happens when you don’t use protection, ladies. Haha.

I’m very sensitive to my body, and I know when something’s different. Suddenly I started getting so sleepy and so lazyyyy! I wasn’t feeling up for work, the thought of switching on my laptop was repulsive. And that isn’t me at all!!! I love my laptop, I won’t leave the house without it.

I still remember I was in bed, all helpless… looking up to the ceiling…. when a thought hit me.

Oh god… I must be pregnant.

I bought like 5 pregnancy tests, but I only used 1 and that blue positive sign slowly appeared before my eyes.

I know my first thought should’ve been Alhamdulillah… but there’s no point lying to you guys, Allah knows too. My first reaction was… Omg I’m going to get so fat.

And immediately, I wanted to puke. Yep, this is probably why pregnant women have morning sickness; because they fear looking like a watermelon.