side effects

December 22, 2012

So this is my first trimester effects story.

Morning sickness? I was pretty lucky not to have bad morning sickness. I only puked like once or twice, and those were on really bad days when I didn’t eat.

I seemed to have lost my appetite and I had no idea what to eat whenever Dean asked me what I want for lunch or dinner. Seriously, nothing appealed to me and the thought of steak really made me sick. I could only stomach light things like bread, fruits and weirdly, Tropicana lime popsicle with the vanilla ice cream inside. Haha.

Yay for not gaining too much weight! But nay for gastric and masuk angin-ness.

But God is fair! What I do have till now is…. really painful backaches. Mom won’t let me go for massages, so I just had to endure it for a while. And make Dean rub my back every morning. Poor guy.

Mood swings? Hmm… not really, I think.

To me, I’m pretty chirpy as usual. I mean there was this one time when I cried because Dean asked me if I had done the laundry because his underwear drawer was empty. But that was it!

Cravings? Not really. There wasn’t a particular food I craved or couldn’t stop thinking about. In fact, I didn’t want anything.

But one night, I really really felt like popcorn and 1901 hotdog. It was just a weird feeling and I really couldn’t sit still thinking about how I can get those. I tried to shake it off and eat something else, but nothing else satisfied me. Dean was out for late night badminton so I didn’t want to bug him.

Then I remembered my sister was off to a movie that night, so I grabbed my phone and dialed her number. No answer. Whatsapp. Not delivered. Texted. No reply. Called 5 more times. Voicemail. I got so pissed off at her phone. Haha.

After a while I reached her, but she had already gone out for supper and left the cinema. I got so annoyed that I didn’t reply her anymore. Haha. In the end, Dean got it for me and I was a happy girl eating popcorn at 12.30 am.

A few days later, I borrowed Dean’s phone to whatsapp my sister. And saw their conversation about me. My sister called me cranky. -___-

“Omg baby, Along thinks I’m cranky!! Do you think I’m cranky?”

“Of course not! The nerve of her! I don’t think you’re cranky at all. The moment she said it, I was like whaaaaat that’s way off Along. How rude Along, calling my wife cranky. I wanted to tell her off right there and then. Sheesh, your sister. You’re not cranky at all, baby. In fact, I think you’re pretty amazing pregnant.”