sweet dreams

December 31, 2012

So this is my Munirah story.

I’ve recently passed my first trimester and my energy level is back to normal. It’s true what they say, once you’re in your second trimester you should feel much better and the nausea or whatnot will disappear hopefully. For me, Alhamdulillah I’m back at work and kicking everyone’s butt, but what hasn’t gone away is… my back pain.

*cries a river*

This must be due to me wearing heels constantly pre-pregnancy that even now when I wear flats all the time, my past is still haunting me. I’m a bit worried because I’m not even halfway through my pregnancy and the back pain sometimes is unbearable. Don’t even want to think how I’ll be at 6-7 months when the baby’s bigger.

Mom bought me a Dr. Backbone and I loveeeeee her. It’s so good and it really helps ease the pain. Highly recommended by me.

But then night comes and I toss and turn. No position is right. I googled “Back pain during pregnancy” and most of the websites are telling me to be more active. So I walk a lot, I think about swimming and stuff (the thought that counts, really…) but still my back hurts. I was advised to take it easy and rest. The more I rest and lie down, the more my body aches.

Wearing a denim shirt from House of Doll 

Sometimes I’m just like “WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO OMGGGGG”

A lot of my friends are going through the same thing, so they recommended me this one maternity pillow. It’s huge, moon-shaped and so comfortable. I was desperate, so Dean and I went to a few places to find. We finally found one from Mothercare and grabbed that last one.

“Baby, wait!” I stopped Dean. I examined the pillow and paused. “I don’t like the pattern on this one. It’s not pretty.”

Dean rolled his eyes and paid at the counter, ignoring my very important request.

So I tried it out and man… it’s so awesome. It’s like having a huge bantal peluk that is just comforting you and telling you 9 months will fly by.

Guess who also sibuk?

When we went to bed that night, Dean looked at me with envy. “So umm… how do you like your new pillow? It looks so good….”

“It’s so awesome omg. I’m naming it Moon.”

“Moon? Like that waiter in the restaurant we always go?”

I suddenly had an image of his face and me hugging the pillow didn’t seem too cool.

“Oh man, that spoiled it… Ok, Moon, Mun…hmmm… Ok I’m naming it Munirah then,” and I snuggled up to it even more, smiling.

“Do you think we can go back and get me one too?”

“Awww you want your own Munirah?”

“Can you not? I have a cousin named Munirah.”

Good. So he’ll never steal it from me again.