using the windows 8

December 9, 2012

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Ok so I needed to be a bit cooler and be in the know, so I tried the new Windows 8!

Was quite excited to find out what the buzz is all about, so since Nani wasn’t around, I switched on her desktop and rubbed my palms together.

The whole time I was thinking, “Pls pls pls don’t wipe out all her files… pls pls pls don’t let her know it was me…”


Heart thumping…..

Oooohhh you can change the colour!

Since Nani hates pink… might as well.


So the most obvious change is of course the tile interface. This, my friends, is the new Start button.

I love it!!! Everything is presented to you at one glance. You can choose what apps to put in this and it even organises according to category! Like Facebook, Twitter and Skype will go under Social, games will go under Games, serious work stuff can go under Work.

You get Live Updates on your social and email, having automatic notifications everytime something new pops up.

You can also move the squares and rectangles around and switch them around as you like.

In case you can’t find something, you can just start typing and the search will appear. For eg you need to calculate something and can’t be bothered to think, just type “Calc…” and the app will appear!

To view All Programmes, you just have to right click on any empty space on the tiles interface.

You might get a bit homesick for a while and want to see your old Desktop. Fret not, just click on Desktop like the yellow arrow I’ve beautifully drawn out for you.

Ta-da! Back to normal again.

Except that there is no more Start button. Instead, if you click on the bottom left of the screen, it will take you back to the Tile interface.

Your applications are all still the same, and when you click on Excel for example, all your opened Excel files will appear so you can choose which you’d like to open.

So how do you use Internet Explorer 10?


Via Desktop: Just click on the “e” icon as per normal and this will pop up.

The look is different so you’ll have to get used to it. The URL box is still on top and the tabs are all at the side so you can see what tabs you’ve opened. If you click on Connections, the Network settings will appear on the side of the screen, so you can switch between networks easily if you need to.

Via Tiles Interface: Just click on the Internet Explorer tile and this will pop up.

The look is even more different, having the URL tab on the bottom instead. And switching between tabs, you have to right click.

To get here, follow left arrow.

The right arrow will take you shopping.

In the new Windows 8, you can go to the App Store and get cool apps for your device. There are so many categories; News, Social, Photos, Games, Shopping etc.

Look, Oprah’s free.

There’s a map feature as well. So it’s super useful especially when you’re on the go and you’re lost (very useful for me….).

Another new thing is SkyDrive.

Basically SkyDrive is like Dropbox. You can drag any file into it and it will share to your other Windows 8 devices as well. E.g. If I drag a picture to my desktop, my phone and other tablets will get the picture too.

Try it out for yourself!

IF YOU HAVE WINDOWS 7 PC AND BOUGHT IT FROM JUNE 2ND ONWARDS, you can upgrade to Windows 8 with USD 14.99 (RM 49.92). For more info, log on to

IF YOU HAVE PC, you can upgrade to Windows 8 by purchasing it for USD 39.99 (RM 122). For more info, log on to

This awesome promo is only valid till Jan 31st 2013, so hurry! And you can redeem it till Feb 28th 2013. A customer can redeem up to 5 promotions, but only one per PC.

If you ever want to change back to Windows 7 after you’ve installed Windows 8, you can use your OEM provided recovery image to return.

My honest opinion is that Windows 8 works better on a touch screen device like tablets or smartphones as it’s designed for touch. It might be confusing to switch between desktop mode and tile mode, but like all new things it just needs a bit of getting used to!

Oh, and no, they don’t wipe out all your files so everything is A-ok. Nani is just going to return to a new surprise with a pink background. Hehe.

Ok, click here now.