dean and his car

January 3, 2013

So this is my Dean’s annoying story.

You guys probably know I’m not the most patient person, but I would of course impart the wisdom to my unborn child that patience is a virtue, you should always be patient bla bla bla. But right now, the unborn child is in me. So there’s no lying to him/her, and I can say ooopppss because man this child is impatient!! Sorry you have mommy’s bad side.

I used to be able to skip meals if I’m too busy at work or if I feel a bit chubs that day, but now no such thing. Now… if I’m hungry, I’m hungry NOW. Like once the hunger kicks in, I need to eat NOW if not I will feel like puking.

It’s really bad, guys.

There’s no way I can not eat, or else I will feel like crap and masuk angin like no other.

Today, in the car, Dean and I were on the way to lunch. He picked me up from home and I greeted him with a smile and a cheerful “Where do you want to eat? I’m so hungry!”

As soon as we arrived at the basement parking, this hunger feeling just magnified and I suddenly felt the need to puke right that second.

“Oh god, baby, do we have any plastic bags?”

I panicked looking around the backseat to see if there was anything I could puke in. Seriously, it was gonna come out any second.

Dean panicked too and looked at me. In a gentle tone, he said words to me that made me want to punch him.

“Umm sayang… would you like to get out of the car first?”

Sayang his car so much, I should’ve puked in his face. Haha.

But he was so sweet after that, asking me if I was ok every 5 minutes. This was of course, after we got out of the car.