hello 2013

January 3, 2013


I’m sure we all made resolutions, and it’s now the 3rd, so a lot of us have probably broken them. Haha.

Anyway, thank you 2012 for an awesome year. A lot happened that made the year so memorable. I got married, FV won the MyEG competition, just so many other things if you have followed my blog this year. One big event that we all can’t forget is of course Opah’s passing. Al-Fatihah. You are always on our minds, Opah!

Now, 2013 has dawned on us so let’s bring on a more awesome year! I guess for me, it will be the year of motherhood Insyaallah!

For the countdown Dean and I thought we’d do something special for us as it was our first countdown as husband and wife. So we checked in to a hotel and joined other people at the restaurant. In the FV group chat, everyone was sharing pictures of what they were doing. So we sent our picture and told them we were at a club.

“Err… sorry boss. But a restaurant with music doesn’t make it a club.”

Haha. They know us so well.

Wearing Minz earrings.

Hello, 2013!!!!!!!!