live and love

January 20, 2013

Our Raikan Cinta episode is on again this week. A repeat! Make sure you watch it on Channel 104.

I wish I could upload it somewhere so my friends overseas can watch, but I’m not allowed to do so, so let’s just hope for a repeat when they’re back. Maybe for now, I’ll post up some wedding videos soon.

Anyway, I’ve been getting a lot of tweets about how everything seemed perfect for me and Dean, and that we have a pretty awesome relationship and friendship. And it started to make me think.

I really do have an awesome love journey with him. I have so much fun with him and as much as we’re the best of friends poking fun at each other, we’re also deeply in love and can’t imagine days without each other. It’s really an awesome marriage that God has destined for me, and sometimes I don’t know what I did to deserve such a good man. He’s just a complete package and I’m really blessed.

But let me clarify something. There is no such thing as perfect.

I get a bit worried when people think it’s a perfect life, because then people will hope for perfect. Only to get disappointed because there’s just no such thing. You can’t just assume something based on what you see on the surface.

Dean and I argue a lot! Gosh, sometimes I wish we had a reality show because we’re so funny when we argue. Like Hindustan drama! Both of us have extremely big egos and when it comes to apologizing, we’ll go round and round with arguments because none of the two monkeys want to say sorry first. As a wife, I guess I’m in the wrong to have such unnecessary pride, but whatevs, I took law as a degree so he should’ve known what he got himself into. Plus, I have no problem apologizing after he has apologized.


But anyway, one thing for sure. The love is never less, argument or no argument. Whenever we argue and Dean has to drive off somewhere in anger, I always get so worried and I prayΒ “God, please protect my husband from danger, please protect him wherever he is…” with tears sometimes (but still, I won’t say sorry). And I know above all, Dean always prays for my happiness and safety too.

I’m no expert in marriage, but I have been with this guy for 6+ years. All I can say is when arguing:

1) Never use vulgarity or hurtful words condemning each other.

e.g. I wish you’d die, you *insert horrible words you’d hate your kids to use*Β 

Even when arguing, have some respect for each other.

2) Never hit. Please don’t tolerate domestic violence.

3) Don’t walk out and leave. Settle it before it’s too late.

4) Swallow your pride and say sorry if you’re wrong (this is from Dean… pfttt)

Bottom line is, every couple will fight. The question is how much do you love each other to end it. Always remember, life is too short and we waste so much time if we just carry on being angry with someone we love and care for. Always think, if anything happens to your loved ones while you’re fighting, you’d never be able to forgive yourself.

So live and love for the sake of Allah!