mom’s new note

January 17, 2013

Remember when arwah Opah wanted a Blackberry? And I laughed at her?

Well now her daughter, Mommy dearest, wants a Samsung.

Because she wants to be cool.

(She wanted a Facebook account the other day, I told her Facebook has closed down their website).

My sister got her a Note and now she’s texting me more often disturbing me at work (She doesn’t know about Whatsapp yet). And asking me useless questions, I tell you. I swear it’s just because this is her first touch screen phone and she’s excited to touch the phone.

So I called her.

She took soooo long to pick up, and I can just imagine her fumbling with the phone, not knowing that you have to swipe to answer the call.


“Eh, macam mana Mama nampak muka Vivy ni? Eh?! Vivy nampak muka Mama jugak ke?”

Hi Mom. Welcome to 2013.