nephew’s first week at school

January 8, 2013

So Little Nephew isn’t so little anymore. He had his first day in primary school and had to comfort a crying aunt.

The first week, the school allowed parents and paranoid aunts to come to help their kids settle in the new environment.

So I obviously came early during their recess period to see Little Nephew eat. When I saw him sitting with his parents, I immediately became concerned.  What happened to everyone? Why are people not sitting with him? Are people bullying him? Which one of these kids should I scold?!!

My sister was all cool and calm, teaching Little Nephew the wash hands at the sink after eating ritual, and not to forget his lunchbox on the table.

I looked around scanning the canteen.

“So, do you know how much these french fries cost?” my sister asked Little Nephew.

He kept quiet.

“It’s one ringgit, ok, darling. Look at the note and see the number 1. That’s one ringgit.”

My nephew nodded and continued eating his fries.

I could feel my tears forming up and I had no idea why.

I turned to him and asked, “Sweetie, how much money did Dad and Mom give you for lunch?”

He stopped to think and then answered cheerfully, “Mmm… ONE ringgit, Maksu!”

Tears just started falling down my cheeks.

I looked at my sister, “WHY ARE YOU SO CHEAP?!!!!” and cried some more.

His parents just laughed saying he doesn’t need money since they provide him packed lunch everyday.

Whatever man…. what if he gets hungry?! What if he wants to have what his friends are eating but he doesn’t have enough money to buy it? What if he misses his bell and starts wandering around the school? What if he can’t find his classroom and he’s just alone and lost in the school? What if people take his stuff? What if his bag is so heavy and he can’t handle the load? What if the teacher’s mean?

I just hugged him tight in his classroom. If I could hide in his bag, I swear I would.

Wearing Minz earrings

After a good minute that I didn’t stop kissing and hugging him, he looked at me and said,

“Maksu, I’m going to be fine, you don’t worry ok. You can go back now.”

Sigh… Maksu loves you, baby, you have no idea.