one husband, one wife

January 3, 2013

Had the best first day of 2013.

Started with a huge breakfast buffet with Dean and we made promises to each other.

“Ok hurry up. Let’s put away our phones and be romantic with each other,” I whined when Dean couldn’t stop playing with his phone.

“Pfttt. You’re just bored now because you left your phone in the room and you don’t know what to do now,” Dean all smug.

Fine, he was right.

“Come on la! I’m bored! Let’s make promises to each other for this 2013.”

“Hmm… ok… I promise.. to only have one wife this year. Ok now your turn.”


“Fine! My promise is to only have one husband this year.”

And Dean got angry and all merajuk for a while. Can’t take his own joke sheeshhh…

After breakfast this one wife and one husband spent time with both families, making our day super special and complete. I thank God for gifting us with amazing families, loving and close knit. May it always be like this for generations to come!

Wearing a black top with printed pants from Cangkuk, at FV.