petronas interactive wall

January 17, 2013

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I really never knew Petronas had a gift shop on the basement of Tower 1! I came across it when I wanted to visit the Interactive Wall the bloggers are talking about.

I mean, hello, I didn’t wanna get left out! Plus, I was already there.

So I dragged Dean and told him about this interactive wall in conjunction with Petronas Motorsports.

The liquid element is on the left, and metal is on the right. If nothing happens, they separate quietly. So what happens when you mix Liquid and Metal?

Cool things!!

All you have to do is make arm movements (or if you want to show off, do some backflips and stuff) and the metal and liquid will move according to how you move. Like you’re da baus!

If you’re smart, you can turn get either one of these 5 things; mechanical heart, shark, diamond grille, piston or headlights.

Wearing a cardigan from Alex[a]lexa (Indonesia) and a necklace from Cucito (Indonesia)

So I was flapping my arms like I just didn’t care! It was so fun!! Nobody around me thought I was crazy (or they just didn’t say anything…) and even Dean did a little wave when no one was looking.

The fun part is if you go with a friend because the 2 of you can partner up and bring the 2 elements together towards the centre and only then you’ll get 1 of the awesome 5 things.

Just watch this video, it’s pretty awesome.

See what you get with your teamwork!

Hurry over to Petronas Tower 1 now and go down the escalator.

Open from today till tomorrow only, from 9 am to 7 pm.