white chocolate chips

January 13, 2013

Oh I’ve missed you, my blog my love. Been too busy peeing.

Anyway, I’ve realized that lately I’ve been breaking out quite a bit.

Not sure if it’s because of the pregnancy and my baby would like to take all of the little nutrients I have in my body, or I’ve just not been taking good care of myself. Some of my loved ones suggested facials but I’m not a big fan of needles taking out oil seeds from my face, as sexy as that sounds. Plus, my skin is super duper sensitive, don’t think it can take a lot of massage and activating unnecessary oil glands.

So to help, I’ve been eating more fruits and have been chugging down water a lot more.

Wearing Gemini necklace from Cucito

And tonight, I’m trying the old-fashion route.

Bedak sejuk!

To those who don’t know, bedak sejuk is a bunch of little drops of white chalky stuff made from rice powder.

Or as Dean calls them, little white chocolate chips.

Apparently it helps smoothen and calm your skin, which is what sensitive skin like mine probably needs! So you just wet a few solid drops and smush it all over your face. Let it dry, just like a mask.

Try to not bump into any kids after, cos you might just scare them. You might even scare your husband, depending on how much he loves you.

So voila, a good old-fashioned fix for my skin to kick off a new week tomorrow.