zip me up

January 24, 2013

So this is my pants story.

The time has come.

I can’t zip up my pants anymore.

*cries and wails and throws tantrum in the corner*

Look at me… so attractive these days. Sigh.

Wearing a long sleeved top from Berrybow and my dump-everything V bag from Fevrier Designs.

My bump is definitely growing healthily. People are asking me to get maternity jeans now but I just can’t bring myself to even try on a pair. It just looks so not sexy and will make me feel a bit like a kangaroo.

I asked my SIL if she got any maternity pants during the course of her pregnancy and she said no. She basically lived in leggings tucked in under her belly, maxi skirts and dresses. But of course, she never looked pregnant as her tummy was quite small and as much as I hope little baby will be kind to me, I already see myself growing a lot more than SIL did.

I, too, have been living in leggings and let me just tell you they are so used that some are even torn already. Leggings, long top, leggings, long top, leggings, zzzzzzz….. Thank you dear leggings for you have stopped me from going out bottoms-less, but dear God, I am so bored of leggings!!!!

I have a lot of nice tailored pants and some printed pants that I love wearing to make me feel dressier. Lately, as you might expect, they have not been touched and they look rather upset. I tried on a pair for a photoshoot recently and I was jumping around the studio trying to zip up my pants, even asking for help to zip while I hold my breath. We ended up leaving the pants unzipped throughout the shoot. If only people knew…

Anyway, only future will tell whether or not I will get maternity wear.

But for now, if you see me around KL in pants, please I beg you… do not pull down my pants.

They will come off.