a brief recap

February 5, 2013

Work has been awesome lately. Although I’m pretty exhausted, it’s just so worth it.

Here are some of the exciting stuff over the couple of months:

We rebranded to FashionValet.com and launched our new website.

We presented Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 to the whole country.

We took on brands by awesome local celebrities, which can be found exclusively with us.

House of Doll by Fazura

Mizz Demeanor by Mizz Nina

Baajookoo by Atilia, Daphne Iking & Yasmin Hani

SF by Sazzy Falak

Dreamcloud by Natasha Hudson

Popular makeup brand RonaSutra

We took on the gorgeous Neelofa as our ambassador.

We are in the process of introducing the different styles of our FV team members on our Facebook page.

We launched a bag I co-designed with sometime which sold out completely.

We introduced Cash on Delivery method for customers who prefer to pay cash.

We are about to reveal a special something that revolves this special someone.

And now, we are working on multiple collaboration projects with designers to co-design collections specially for FV customers.

And another secret one that I shall reveal when we’re ready.

But you guys probably know what I’m most proudest of.


These people posing with their alphabet bags (and those missing in this picture too).

I really don’t know how Dean and I got so lucky. We thank God everyday for being blessed enough to have met these people who really work hard and give their all for FV. It’s just so awesome that we’re all like family now, having badminton nights, Friday lunches and all sorts of activities that are self-created by us. Haha. Some of our parents are also concerned that we have no other friends outside FV! Not true… I have Toots…

Looking back, I know it was really scary for Dean and I to start FV. For Dean to quit his job, not knowing if he made the right decision at the time. We thought FV was a good idea… we had a little bit of money (tiny amount, compared to some of our competitors)… we had our parents’ blessings… so with just a little idea and a whole lot of “Please, God!!”, we just can’t be more thankful for where we’re standing 2 years on.

Now, it’s all about scaling up. We’ve got the business to a certain level, but it’s time to bring it up even more. We’ve been working towards this and man… you realize you’re a grown up when you have to do budgets and forecasts and whatnots, and you know it’s your life on the line. Truth be told, a few big companies have approached FV and as scary as that is for me, I have to trust myself in this. The decision of who to choose is extremely frightening because as my dad always warns me in business, be careful of who you choose as your business partner / investor. This stage of my life is really opening my eyes; there’s no manual in life, there’s no multiple choice exam with one right answer. Everything is a gamble and only God knows everything. So who better to turn to, after you’ve done your own research of course.

All I can say for sure now is THANK YOU. You reading this.. whether or not you’re an FV customer already, you happen to be my blog reader. And you know who’s been helping and supporting me all this while?

It’s my blog readers.

From Day 1 we started FV, a huge chunk of my blog readers immediately became customers and deep down I know it’s not always about FV, but it’s just because they want to support me. I know along the 2 year journey there were probably a lot of hiccups, but they forgave and still came back to give me a chance. So if I haven’t done so, please accept my gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

May God bless all of you for helping out a girl (and her husband) realise her dream.