February 21, 2013

I’m about 5 months pregnant now and I haven’t felt Baby D kicked yet.

What I’m feeling now are just soft movements inside me, kinda like bubbles. In the beginning, I thought they were early warnings of gas (another Today’s Special on the Pregnancy Menu). But nothing happens down south so I called Dean back into the room and told him I think the baby’s starting to move in me.

As the days go on, I’m starting to feel the flutter more and more. After I’m done freaking out about a life inside of me, I realise it’s quite an amazing feeling.

Sometimes I worry. Like, are you uncomfortable in there? Is that why you’re moving and somersaulting like a fish trying to get out?

I can’t imagine how you and I were in our mom’s tummy for 9 whole months. In that tiny few inches space for almost 300 days! I’m such a restless person by nature that I’m surprised I didn’t just jump out of my Mom after a few days.

I hope my uterus isn’t boring. I mean, we don’t know! Maybe there are rainbows and all on the walls. Believe me, if I could install a TV in there I would let you watch comedy series for the whole 9 months so you won’t get bored. Or a mini laptop so you can shop online or start a blog.

Whatever it is, I hope you’re ok in there, Baby D. 4+ more months till you painlessly squeeze yourself out of me without tearing anything (a mom can dream…) and then you and I can open all the goodies we got you! Of course I’ll be the only excited one in that room…