coming home

February 27, 2013

Dean and I are at the airport now waiting for our flight back to KL. Had such a good week here, where else can I have a make-up-free-only-jubah-and-slippers-everyday trip? I think Insyaallah I have fulfilled my time well here, spending time as God’s servant and as a wife. So now I hope to return to KL an improved person, ready to work hard and ready to achieve things to please Allah swt.

I know I will be watched and scrutinized by some of my readers, waiting to see what kinds of changes I will make to myself upon my return. If I could request anything from you guys, I would ask that you let me go through these changes on my own and not comment in public. All I ask is your prayers. I don’t stop praying to God that I will change for the better too.

Ok, then! I’m coming home, KL!

Watch out FV team.