first umrah together

February 23, 2013

I’m in Makkah now and had a really really really awesome time praying in Masjidil Haram in front of the Kaabah. There’s just something about being here that brings tranquility and peace, I guess only Muslims would understand. The view of the Kaabah is so powerful some people even cry instantly. Even I felt teary as I neared the Kaabah, thinking about how much sin I’ve done in my life and yet God still accepts me here as His guest. That, coupled with hormones, even worse!

Dean and I performed our first umrah as husband and wife just now and finished right before Isyak. It was amazing and the feeling after you’ve completed the whole ritual is even more special when it’s shared with your husband for the first time.

I’m really thankful that my parents brought me to Makkah as a child because at least I remember roughly what to do and the things my parents taught me on why we do things and what to read etc. But of course when you’re a kid, you don’t really feel it because well, you’re more looking forward to the next buffet meal and you’re wondering why the Imam recites for so long! Now returning here as an adult, I just couldn’t stop smiling doing the tawaf and sa’i. The zikirs and the doas came from the heart, Insyaallah, so I hope Allah will accept our umrah.

If you’ve been wanting to come here, don’t waste any time. If you can afford it and if you fit all the requirements, please come here and experience this for yourself. There are really good packages that suit all budgets so try and at least ask different travel agencies. The one Dean used for us is Ash-Har Travel & Tours (03-9200 7050).

Oh, and if you’re worried doing umrah when you’re pregnant, don’t be! Baby D was so good and somehow I even felt more energetic than ever. And guess what?! Baby D kicked right after I sat down to read Quran after the umrah. Well, from the last scan, that’s where his/her head was so it couldn’t be a kick. Either Baby D headbutted me or punched me with his/her fists. Maybe a victory punch? Hehe only God knows.