February 21, 2013

When Dean was telling my parents his plans after marriage, he inserted the word Makkah somewhere in his speech. He made a promise to my parents that he was going to take me to Makkah to perform our duties as Muslims. My parents were sold, and I think my Mom immediately set the wedding date. Ding, ding, ding, the Dean shares were going up in my parents’ eyes.

A tip for all boyfriends-about-to-see-future-FIL out there.


Include it in your grand speech to your future FIL/MIL.

But of course you have to mean it. And Dean did.

If we can go to London etc, why not Makkah? After all, we have so much to be thankful for in life and it’s time to realize it’s all coming from Him.

We wanted to go a lot sooner, but there were problems with the visa and then I got knocked up so we couldn’t travel the first trimester. So finally, when the doctor said I could travel, Dean made the arrangements and there we were smiling away for our visa photos at the photo shop.

The visa process was so smooth and it was so simple, not like the previous time. I guess it’s true, when it’s your time to go to the House of Allah, Allah will make it easy for you. But don’t stop trying and saving money!

I’m thoroughly ecstatic to be here in the Holy Land and it’s definitely going to be a new experience. Slightly nervous because this is my first time coming here without my parents and I miss them already. Slightly worried because of the high expectations people have of you when you return home.

Whatever happens here, I intend to spend a lot of time with God and if possible I want to khatam Quran…. but at the rate I read it, err might have to continue back home. I hope Allah swt will give Dean and I, and our family and friends hidayah to become better for Him and to open our hearts more for Islam.

Thank You Allah for welcoming us here as Your guests. I pray that You will also grant my loved ones and other Muslims back home this same privilege!

Wearing Radzuan Radziwill kaftan at FV.