mimpikita <3 fv

February 13, 2013

Remember I told you guys about the new project I wanted to do, Designers <3 FV series where FV collaborates with brands we carry to produce a special limited edition collection for you guys? I’ve always been intrigued by the H&M tie-ups like Matthew Williamson for H&M and Lanvin for H&M that I always dreamed to have that with FV. Just special one-off collections that I get to design and be a part of.

And now my dream is finally coming true.

A girl can dream of course, but it won’t become reality without hard work. So the FV team and I have been on our toes to line up some awesome collaborations in 2013 for our FV customers.

Starting with…..

Mimpikita <3 FV series that’s coming out on Valentine’s Day!!!!!!

Mimpikita holds a special place in my heart because they and I go waayyyyyy back before FV was even born. If you have followed Proudduck from a while back, you’d know that I’m an avid fan of nice and affordable collections. They were the first RTW brand to come on board the FV wagon and even without any track record, they had faith in FV and always supported us. So this debut collaboration is something really special to me, and I hope you guys will like what the Mimpikita and FV team came up with.

There will be 2 sub-collections that will be released separately; a darker colour palette with an edgier feel and a more cheerful summer collection.

Sizes range from S to L.

Stay tuned for 14 Feb!

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