RM 30 scone

February 10, 2013

We are in….


It’s so awesome to be here, where history started for Dean and I. We have a long list of restaurants we’d like to eat in and friends we’d like to see. It just sucks that we arrived so early on a Sunday morning and shops only open at 12!

We walked around the streets of London that were obviously quiet early on a Saturday morning. Had a nice early breakfast at a familiar place. Then, we just walked aimlessly hand in hand, laughing and talking about the randomest things, like why gloves are called sarung tangan but socks aren’t called sarung kaki. Despite my ears being frozen from the cold, it’s just wonderful to be back in the place where we spent our university life, but this time, as a married couple.

The funny thing about being here is that reality really hits. Back then, we hadn’t earn our own money so we never really felt the pain of the 5-times-multiplied currency. Now, our parents are probably at home eating popcorn laughing at how it’s payback time.

It already started at breakfast.

Back when we studied here, we came to this one place almost every morning to meet for breakfast and it was always the same thing we ordered.

Scones and tea for Dean (because he thinks he’s secretly British)

Tomato and cheese panini for me (because I love cheeseeeeee)

It was soooo good guys. It was like eating a piece of good memories.

Β Anyway, when I was done with mine, I saw Dean’s plate. He had a piece of scone left.

“Uhh… are you not going to eat that?”


“I want to… so my money will be worth it. But man, I’m so full.”

“Oh that’s ok. I’ll eat it….” I grabbed it and popped it in my mouth. “Oh my goddddd… just like how I remembered it. Sooo good!!”

“It better be. That piece was RM 7.50.”


“Best RM 7.50 you’ve ever spent, baby…”