some TLC

February 24, 2013

SIL asked me a few weeks ago. “So can you still sleep on your back?”

“Of course! No problem,” I answered confidently, then thinking what on earth is SIL talking about.

A pregnant friend told me she sleeps with a sea of pillows; her head, her sides, her knees, every inch of her is resting on a pillow.

I told her pregnant women are divas.

I totally get it now. Woke up today with such pain on my lower back and the day has come that Baby D is getting big that I have to sleep on my sides now. Ow-som. Just ow-som. On top of that, heartburns are getting to be a daily thing now where I have acid reflux and everything I eat wants to come out from the top. When you puke, you can’t stop and it hurts your throat so bad after that. I cried while puking that one night because it literally feels like acid pouring out of me.

So I turned to pregnant people for advice.

“There’s really no cure, babe. You just have to endure it. The best thing that can help is TLC from your husband.”

Lightbulb moment.

So poor Dean, comes back home. And there I was, arms open wide.

“Hug me now, I need TLC. It helps my heartburn.”

He didn’t say anything and just followed instructions. Hugged me tight, stroked my hair. Ahhhh, I still feel like puking but man, do I feel loved.

“So umm… your friend told you TLC cures pregnancy…,” Dean said slowly trying to understand the whole thing.

“Yes, something like that. She said your husband has to love and care for you and say nice things. And TLC helps a lot.”

(my friend didn’t say that, I just went with it. I’m clever like that.)

“Alright then…here goes…,” Dean said. Then he bent down to my ear, “Don’t go chasing waterfalls…Please stick to the lakes and rivers that you’re used toooo….” 

He started singing a TLC song and I just burst out laughing.

Obviously he was trying to be funny, and it worked. I felt so much better afterwards.

Husbands, please be kind to your pregnant wives. Make her laugh. The least you could do after knocking her up.