aman’s first joke

March 23, 2013

One early morning, Little Nephew Aman was rolling around with his Uncle Dean and making so much noise in the house. So I butt in and said “Excuse me, little boys, can you keep it down please?” mostly targeting my eyes to Dean.

Dean looked at Aman who looked at him too. “Tell her, Aman, tell her.”

Aman stood up on the bed and said, “Maksu, I have a joke! I have a joke to tell you.”

“Oooo. What is it?”

Then he went on and on about how Penelope met this other person and he also giggled a lot in between so I was trying very hard to understand his joke. Basically, the gist of the joke…

“Ok, Maksu. Why did the superhero flush the toilet?” He asked excitedly.

“Hmmm… because he was done?”

“No…. Because it was his doodie!!!!!!”

And he rolled on the floor clutching his stomach like he couldn’t take the funny-ness anymore.

Hahaha. I get it. Doodie = duty.

Too cute.