bella awards

March 1, 2013

Malaysia’s first women’s award show is happening this Saturday.

The Bella Awards Show!

There will be a red carpet and fashion police and everything… oh the pressure…

I’ve been nominated as one of the nominees for the Bella Business Awards 2013. When I saw the other nominees, I started freaking out. I’m the only one in her 20s!! There’s no chance of me winning obviously! But it’s such an honor to be nominated. THANK YOU BELLA!!

The Bella Business Award nominees:

I was on the show today and I managed to watch it on Tonton just now. You can watch it too here.

It was a fun and light chitchat session about the show, and what we’re going to wear to the event etc. There was even one part where Elaine mentioned I don’t eat vegetables *covers face*

I was wearing Chic Yamada and Kiss & Tell heels.

You HAVEEEEE to find out what she does for a living. So interesting!

The owner of ShoesShoesShoes and KLutched

And lil ol me.

See you guys at the awards show! It will be shown live this Saturday on NTV7 at 8 pm I think.