found one

March 3, 2013

So umm I wasn’t kidding about us moving out of that apartment.

As memorable as it was being our first place as a married couple and all, I can’t help but have thoughts of little rats giving birth to more rats after that. Ughhh shiver!!

Dean called our friend who was a property agent the very next day and this whole week we have been viewing apartments after apartments, in lots of different areas.

Finallyyyyyy, we found one that we liked and suited our budget, so yay!!! Insyaallah the deal will be sealed tomorrow and I have to get my ID hat on. I’m already imagining the bedroom and my wardrobe…sighh…. and this time, it’ll be even more fun because we have to decorate Baby D’s room! How exciting!!

The deal isn’t confirmed yet, but today I already went to a furniture store to scout and get ideas. Of course we already have furniture and we really don’t need any more, I’m just being gatal here…

Ahhhh, I feel like we need this RM 300 bath mat….

Wearing Mama Manja chiffon top (can be worn 2 ways!) and Sofina bag.Β