good old jeans

March 10, 2013

Top from Free Flow, jeans from True Religion, necklace from Kyla Ruiz.

I’m almost 6 months pregnant now (hate it when pregnant ppl use weeks… like I need to carry a baby AND do maths), and I am so thankful to God that I can still fit in my jeans. Well, for now anyway. The day I can’t fit into my jeans, oh, you’ll hear my wails coming out of your computer screens.

Some people asked me omg how can you zip up your jeans and hurt your baby, with judgmental looks.

(You’ll get those a lot btw when you’re pregnant. People judge anything you do. You’re drinking iced water? You’re eating a pineapple? You’re talking using a mobile phone? You’re breeeeathing??? How can!)

I feel like flashing them my zipper. Obviously I can’t zip up my jeans, people! I’m just walking around the mall with my fly open and hoping people don’t think it’s funny to pull my pants down.

Anyway, the trick is to wear longer tops that cover the zipper area so no one will ever know. Bye bye cropped tops!

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