hold my hand

March 17, 2013

My sister had some parent-teacher thing going on, so we kidnapped the nephew and niece for a day out.

Miss them so much when they’re not around.

They really bring more happiness into our lives with their endless conversations and cute butts.

Crocs on children can be forgiven, I guess…

Maksu, stand there so we can take your picture.


Wearing striped shirt from Quirky Brown Cow, leggings, Sofina bag and Antyk Butyk bracelet, all from FV.

A closer look of my Antyk Butyk woven bracelet.

“Hold my hand, Zara.”

“Ok, Aman!”

And off they went a few steps away from me until I screamed at them to come back.

Sigh… It’ll be nice to have a boy huh? All protective and big brother-ish.