i saw that

March 13, 2013

I’ve been having a lot of thoughts lately.

Not on work, which is rare.

This time it’s about my life as a mom.

Baby D is kicking stronger now so I feel it more and more that it’s coming soon. One day I just sat down by myself and realized, Holy moly I’m going to be a mom. And baby D kicked as if to say Yerpppppppp.Β It’s really not a funny thing. I have this amanah from God to raise this child to become a good person and if I do it wrong, I’ll have so much to answer to Him. I already have a lot to answer to Him for myself already, can you imagine being responsible for another human being too?

Judging from my maternal skills with my niece and nephews, errr… motherhood probably isn’t going to be my best achievement, but hey it’s not too late to work at it! I have another 3+ months to go until I have to clean actual poop, probably get some on my nice clothes and try my best not to freak out about that. Sigh.

What kind of a mother will I be? Will I be strict? Will I be cool? Will I be a clingy one?

I have no idea!

And I’m really freaking out.

Taken from Google images

I don’t know a lot of things, but all I know for sure is I’m printing a bunch of these badges and pinning them on everything so my kid will be reminded AT ALL TIMES that lying to Mommy is not cool. If I had this growing up, I’d probably “study at my friend’s house” a lot less.

Hehe, sorry Mommy I love you.