if you love me…

March 20, 2013

…you’ll give me a Candy Crush life.

Man, I really hate this game. It’s taking over my life. They’re damn smart, this game creator I tell you!!!

 I’m at level 70 now and I’ve never hated chocolate more than I do now. Stupid growing chocolates ruining my mojo.

 It’s funny the stories I hear about how people react to Candy Crush. Some would create new Facebook accounts purely to give them life, some would just stare at the clock and wait half an hour for a life to appear, some would call up their friends to check their Candy Crush messages, some even pray to God out loud “Dear God, please let me get through this level.” Haha of all the things you want to ask from God!

When your friends don’t respond to your requests, you start thinking “WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYONE?! Why don’t they love me?!” and you realize you need new friends.

 A whole new level of sadness is when you succumb and press “Buy Lives” while you judge yourself (*quick glance at my sister*).

 If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then good for you.

 Do NOT download that app.