long cardigans

March 19, 2013

Another fast-becoming favourite of mine are long cardigans. Not the below butt or knee length ones… I’m talking full on let’s-sweep-the-floor cardigans.

I used to think it’ll make me look even shorter and it might drown me, but after I got pregnant, whatever makes you feel good… people will just have to love, OKAY?!!!

I love the fact that it covers the bum area (having 2 bulging bumps front and back is just not a good silhouette haha) so I feel less conscious when I penguin-walk myself all over town. Also I think it’ll be great for hijabis who want to cover their modesty (bum bum) too! For a bit of waist, try belting them up. (Clearly not an option for me, I’ll talk to you about waists after July ok?)

Wore this cardigan to lunch with friends I haven’t caught up with for ages. Had an awesome awesome time!

Remember Wawa, guys?! :’)

I’m wearing an E19 cardi and a necklace from Matahari.

Get your plain long cardigan from E19 at FV here, it comes in 5 colours.ย