mom’s birthday cake

March 12, 2013

So Mommy turned 32 yesterday and we dragged her out to dinner (She’s a very homely person, home is her Zouk).

Was so nice to have the family together, talking and laughing and sharing food. With everyone’s schedules, sometimes it’s impossible to get everyone free at the same time! Grrr.

Anyway, the best part!!!!!!

Every year, we’d order fun novelty cakes for mom from Asma’s cake company, Gateauxlicious. One year we had a Fruit Ninja cake because she was obsessed with the game, then we had a dragonfruit cake that looked real-er than a real dragonfruit (hehe fine I exaggerate) because she started a dragonfruit farm.

And this year, we decided to use her love for ais kacang and immortalize that in a cake.

I wasn’t sure how it’d turn out, but when I saw it, I just shouted OMG!!!!!

It was so nice guysssss.



I can’t believe my best friend is this talented. I underestimate her so much. Bahaha.

Wearing a printed shirt from Mimpikita <3 FV.

Grab a spoon, guys.

Anyway, the funny part was when we presented it to Mom.

“Uishhh giant ais kacang for me? Janganla letak lilin tu, kang cair.”

(Wow a giant ice kacang for me? Don’t put the candle on it, it will melt.)

“Er Mom… it’s a cake.”

Her jaw dropped and she kept poking at the cake to see if we were lying.

A while later, she and I were at the kitchen table.

Suddenly, Mom said “Ma rasa macam nak makan ais kacang la.”

(I feel like eating ice kacang.)