nothing less than 4th

March 9, 2013

Update: Since a lot of you asked, I got permission for this. Our agent’s number is 012-3319025 (Jatin)


Alhamdulillah, we have a new home now! I’ll be busy moving and unpacking in the next week or so. (Or my mom will be, she loves these kind of things)

One thing fun about being a grown-up is house-shopping! Oh sorry, in my case, apartment-shopping. After the whole drama of being on the Ground Floor and having rats and equally scary creatures as housemates, no landed property for me! For now, I’m staying as high up in the sky as possible. Away from you know… soil.

“2nd floor you want?” our agent asked me.

“No way. Some rats can fly. I’ve watched cartoons and stuff. Nothing less than the 4th floor please.”

We had an awesome property agent who brought us to a few different areas and we saw tons of apartment units. One tip while apartment-hunting: wear comfy loose clothes. I was sweating buckets going from one place to another!

At one of the apartments we went to visit.

That pregnant lady is wearing a maxi dress (comes in peach and purple) from Quirky Brown Cow.

Shop more dresses here.

Anyway, so my mom reminded me to check on the important things; see the layout, see if toilet works, see if there’s any cracks, see if workmanship is good, see where the kiblat is etc etc.

As soon as I got there, I forgot everything she said. I went straight into detective mode and searched for holes or any possible openings bigger than a 10 cents coin.  The last time we looked for a home, I had so many criteria; big wardrobe, nice toilet with bath etc etc. Now…. well now I’m just looking for holes. See how low my standards have dropped?

One apartment we went to had dead cockroaches just left to rot in like every single room. I bolted out the door shaking my head. Hellll no.

Finally Dean and I found one we liked, and the both of us high-fived each other.

We found our first home with Baby D.