pet names

March 19, 2013

I’ve been so against pet names. Like Munchkin.. or Bubu or Bobo… ew, ok, just ew.

But this pregnancy is making me soooo manja with Dean, that sometimes I just go in front of him while he’s on his laptop and declare, “Ok wife time now. Cuddle me.” And when he’s away, I think I cried once because it just felt so lonely without him and his jokes. (I really think Dean is funny, no one at FV does…)

I heard some horrible pregnancy stories where the wife can’t even smell the husband, can’t be near him etc. Poor guyyyyy being rejected by the wife and baby. For me, it’s the total opposite. So it’s “poor guyyyyy can’t ever leave his clingy wife”. Haha.

We were having a conversation about annoying loved up couples, of course oblivious to the fact that I think we’re pretty annoying ourselves.

“So I heard the girl call the boyfriend Babykins and I had goosebumps,” Dean laughed followed by laughter from me too.

Then I went silent.

“How come you don’t ever call me with pet names?” I asked him suddenly.

Dean examined my face, trying to suss out if this was real Vivy or pregnant hormonal Vivy talking.

“No, I’m serious… like why don’t you ever call me Cupcakes or something? I think that’s so sweet.”

“You want me to call you Cupcakes?” Dean asked carefully.

“Well it doesn’t have to be Cupcakes. It could be something cuter like Banoffee Pie. You like banoffee pies anyway!” I pointed out. “Like when you come back from work, you could give me a kiss on the head and go I’ve missed you, my Banoffee Pie. That would be so adorable.”

Dean couldn’t keep a straight face anymore and just burst out laughing probably thinking his wife is nuts.

“Well, I like a lot of desserts. Since I can’t choose which one I like best, why don’t I just call you…. Dessert of The Day?”

“What…. way to kill the romance.”

“No, it’s romantic! Come here, Dessert of The Day. What would you like to do now, my Dessert of The Day?”

“You’re so annoying.”

“And when I get tired of saying such a long pet name, I can short form it to DOTD.”

“Ok that’s enough.”

“Can you get me some tea, DOTD?”