March 10, 2013

I’m wearing a kaftan from Radzuan Radziwill. Dean’s wearing a towel. Hehe. 

When I was In Makkah, Asma’ asked me if there were any hardships or tests I went through because some people get tested. I thought about it. Apart from my normal pregnancy symptoms (heartburn, constipation, nausea, fatigue, itchiness, moodswings… FYI, pregnancy is beautiful) I was pretty ok! In terms of energy, God gave me plenty to do ibadah and that was all I wanted whilst I were there.

But when I thought harder about it, there was one thing funny that kept happening to me though.

Every time we go to the mosque, Dean and I would separate to the mens and womens section respectively, so I would pray alone. We always got to the mosque early so I would find a place to sit on my own and read Quran. When it was time to pray together, we all would get up and people from the back would fill in the empty spaces.

Every single time, a lady with children will come up to pray next to me. Either she had a baby or she had toddlers,  she would basically have a child. They were cute…. Until the praying started.

Oh they would tug on my telekung, they would just stand in front of me and stare, they would run around, they would cry so loud, heck they even sat in front of me so I couldn’t sujud. One adorable one even left biscuit crumbs all over my praying spot in case I got hungry.

I get it, kids are cute and innocent. But to be completely honest, I really don’t know how to interact with them. It’s like yes yes you’ve said that 3 times, now please go sit quietly and read a book. I just don’t know! And it’s not just me ok… kids don’t like me either. They find me either awkward or just plain boring.

See, even my own nephew!

Wearing Dressing Paula from FV.

So for me to always get a praying neighbor with kids, I really don’t think it’s a coincidence

(*looks up knowingly at the sky*).

One time, the prayer was about to start and next to me were 2 normal women. No kids, no nothing! I was like hey… this is awesome! Then, one lady squeezed in between us and her child’s head popped out of my right with big curious eyes. I was like yep… that seems about right. Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humour?

I definitely felt like my patience was tested and I don’t really know what God was trying to teach me. But I’m guessing it has something to do with getting ready for children.