walking colours

March 5, 2013

If you told me 5 years ago I would wear hot pink pants, I would have laughed. Coloured pants just weren’t for me and I would never be able to pull them off, I thought all my life. Blue jeans and leggings; those were all that lived in my wardrobe.

Well… yellow, blue, purple, those pants have slowly crept onto my legs over these past couple of years. It’s quite fun bringing a bit of colour in our lives, and I’m lucky that my nature of work doesn’t constrict me to slacks and suits. So I get to bring these babies to work.

Today, I tried hot pink for the very first time and I love it.

Paired them with a white boyfriend blazer to balance off the girlyness of the pants.

Love the zipper at the bottom so when my pregnant ankles decide to swell up even more…brangggg it!

Grey ponyhair slingbacks by ShoesShoesShoes. Must have!

Then, when it’s playtime, it’s leopard print for mama.

It’s quite hard for me to find pants, so once I find ones that fit nicely I get a bit gatal to buy other colours too.

Next up, mint green.

Pants from the Mimpikita <3 FV collection. Click here to view more.