your bump is small

March 15, 2013

I just don’t get it.

I feel like I’m carrying a melon already and all this heartburn isn’t helping me with the comfort. My stomach itches like mad, my belly button is stretching in all directions making it itch SO BLOODY MUCH, I can barely fit into my usual clothes, and I feel huge.

(This isn’t 3rd trimester yet, my friend…I’m sure I’ll be a ball of fun to hang out with then).

Anway, even though I feel this way, apparently, the public does not agree.

Everytime we meet someone, they will point at my belly and go, “Aww so cute your bump, so small!” And then they add, “This must be a boy/girl/insert whatever they feel like guessing.”

My bump is small????? I am already walking like a penguin! They try carrying a child and see if it’s fun when people tell you your bump is small, then they have the cheek to say it’ll double in size towards the end of pregnancy. Err thanks dude, I CAN’T FREAKING WAIT.

After the polite smiles, I’ll turn to Dean quietly and complain. “I can’t believe he said my bump is small. Like he’s judging my bump. You tell him off next time, ok? In fact, you should tell everyone off.”

Dean smiled. “Ok baby, next time I will grab them by the collar and say “You tell her her bump is big, you tell her now.”


I ended up upset and telling Dean off for making fun of my pregnancy.

Then when he comforted me, I laughed.

I’m chuckling now writing this post and thinking about what Dean said. But a few minutes ago, I was crying watching The Holiday (the part when the little girls said it’s nice to have girl grown ups in their house since their mother died. Ugh… do NOT get me started.)

Anyway, they say mood swings are part of the pregnancy. Lucky I haven’t had any of those yet.


Oh…… I get it now.